Saturday, June 19, 2010

The less we say about it the better

I am alone this week. Really, for a week, at home, alone. I do not believe this has ever happened. I have gone away on my own, and my wife has gone for a spell and left me with the kids. But this is highly unusual.

The MIL scheduled a vacation in North Carolina for the extended family, but I have work. And this is fine, really, I think I need some solitude. This afternoon I folded laundry and watched Fantastic Mr. Fox. I went for a run in the middle of the day because, well, why not? And now I am going to see a show at convergence-continuum. I am living it up in style.

Tomorrow I will spend a few hours in the office. No kidding. And looking forward to it.

Took the Cain Park route today. Kenny Loggins was doing a sound check.

I'm all right. Nobody worry about me.

This Must Be The Place Genius Mix
This Must Be The Place - Miles Fisher
Sax and Violins - Talking Heads
Diplomat's Son - Vampire Weekend
Dance Dance Dance - Lykke Li
Surprise Hotel - Fool's Gold
Animal (Fake Blood Remix) - Miike Snow
Meteor - The Bird & The Bee

There are limitations to Genius mixes ... I get an awful lot of repetition when I plug in a familiar track. Nothing surprising, I can almost guess what I'm gonna get. I need to put in something unusual - like Miles Fisher - to get a playlist as interesting as today's.

Good gravy, I am an overheated fool.

Distance: 4.3 miles
Temperature: 75ยบ
Weather: hot!
Weight: 159 lbs.


Cris said...

Take this week as the gift it is.

pengo said...


That's true about every week, isn't it?