Saturday, September 18, 2010

Garbage scow

What is challenging to me about keeping a running blog is that I usually forget whatever it is I was thinking about on the run. It seemed real important at the time.

I have not run in over ten days. I feel my knees ache. The night before I felt tingling n my thigh (not the good kind, the bad kind.) There have been times when i have considered running and thought - what a terrible waste of time.

There has not been time. There has been a lot of work, at work and at home. Special events to celebrate, and trips to the emergency room for my wife (she is, we believe fine.)

Last night I needed to go from my neighbor's house back to my house after dropping off their kid. I ran, for a few yards. It was like being transported to another place. I place where I move through the air, instead of merely wandering through it. Energy was different. It felt good.

I will go now and feel that again. It is the best time of year from running. I shouldn't miss this, it doesn't last very long.

PODRUNNER: Restless (139 bpm)

Thank you, Mr. DJ, for getting me back on my feet. Again.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 53ยบ
Weather: breezy
Weight: 165 lbs.

Yes. 165 pounds. A shame. My mouth is a garbage scow. This cannot stand.

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keens sandals said...

So good to hear you running again after 10 days...Keep running and blogging..