Monday, September 27, 2010

You can't break me, 'cause I'm already this way

Socked with another terrible headache yesterday, this time on the left side of my sinuses. This is distressing because I am trying to judge the effect of this new medication and it comes exactly at the change of season - when I traditionally get killer migraines.

I felt it coming on when I woke up. I do not believe 8.30 is sleeping in, and this never happened over the summer when I would occasionally get some extra sleep, only when the weather cools.

40 degrees. Jacket weather. Downing a "Jet Blackberry" GU I found in my kit box. Doesn't expire for a year but it seemed more appealing to me this morning than a banana.

Until I ate it.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 40ยบ
Weather: awesome
Weight: 163.5 lbs.

A second piece of quiche? No, thanks. A beer? That's okay, I'll just drink this. Mn, no popcorn, not tonight. Let's see how long I can keep this up.

Future Sightings Genius Mix

Future Sightings - I Am The World Trade Center
Brakhage - Stereolab
Watch The Tapes (153 bpm) - LCD Soundsystem
Divorce Song - Liz Phair
Girl and the Sea - The Presets
No Expectations - I Am The World Trade Center
Ticker-Tape of the Unconscious - Stereolab

Ah, the skunks of Cleveland Heights. Okay, I am just waiting for a knee to blow out. Really. Because one must, right? Could be either one. I have no idea what is going on inside of me. I guess there is not much to be done about it except to keep on until injury, and keep taking omega-3s, being kind to myself, etc.

A lot of talk this weekend at the censorship symposium at CPT about my shows this Spring. At least, a lot of talk in my vicinity. Really, can I see a show at CPT without Raymond calling me by name - twice - from the stage? (Am I complaining? Of course not.) But I did get to sell the piece to a number of people.

Now I need to work on it. Actually technical work, of any kind, is on hold until KILL WILL goes up ... my entire crew is working on that. But though I have the edits in my head, I have not spent much time actually making them. I get some writing time this Sunday, if I can focus I could dedicate that time solely to these pieces.

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