Sunday, May 06, 2012

Hello, Brooklyn.

Looking for a girl, I ran into a guy.
His name was MCA. I said, "Howdy." He said, "Hi."

Week 16 Total: 14 miles
Training To Date: 414 miles 

Big day yesterday, celebrating my wife's cousin Caitlin's wedding in Central Park. We spent all Friday driving to New Jersey to spend the night with friends, left the car and took a train into the city yesterday morning. Took the kids to the Central Park Zoo. The ceremony was held at at Pine Bark Arch -- perfect weather. Cool and only slightly overcast. I was charmed by the people, strangers, who stopped on the path past the green where the assembled were gathered, to watch, to listen. There was this couple in their shorts and T-shirts, arms around each other, leaning against a fence, smiling. Public wedding, y'all!

Distance: 1 lap = 4 miles
Route: Prospect Park

Dinner was long and luxurious and there was an awful lot of wine. After we walked the Highline, I've waited two years to bring my wife there. She teared up, she thought it is so beautiful. This is the future of cities, she said. This is what needs to be done.

Temperature: 55ยบ
Climate: Overcast. Cool.
Snack: banana
Hydration? yes
Stretches? no

Spent the night with friends in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Planned on running several laps around Prospect Park, but yesterday was a bit overwhelming, and after pushing out one lap, I thought it would be best to return and rest. After all, it was early, no one else was up, either.

Now. Coffee, bagels, orange juice and another day in the city.

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