Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Super Boys.

Running past Noble Library, there were a number of teenagers on the steps. On, the tallest one, big guy, is mouthing something at me. He knows I can't hear him, so he's gesturing with his arms, swinging his fists back and forth. I pull my 'phones out.

"Can I run with you?" he asks. I smile and laugh, "Ha ha!" because I think he's pulling my leg. Then I hear him coming up behind me.

I say, "You were serious!"

"Yeah," he says, "I just need to run home, I didn't get to football practice today."

"Where do you live?"

"Just up there where the bus is."

"All right." I look at him, damn he's a big kid. Tall, muscled. Large rock in his ear.

I feel the need to contribute. "I'm running the Cleveland Marathon next week."

"Really?" he says, politely impressed. "How do you get into that?"

"Just sign up. It also costs some money."

"That's cool. I box."


"I'm a boxer."

"That's cool. And you play football?"

"Yeah, I play semi-pro for the Vikings."

"What? Oh. For real?"

"Yeah. And I play for Shaw."

"Ah. That makes sense."


"Shaw's a good team."

"It is. Okay, I'm here." And he runs across the street from me.

I shout, "Thanks for the run!"

Week 17 Total: 20 miles
Training To Date:
434 miles 

Distance: 6 miles
Route: Neighborhood Loop

Temperature: 72ยบ
Climate: warm

Snack: beer
Weight: 167 lbs.
Hydration? yes
Stretches? yes

The Model Genius Playlist

The Robots - Kraftwerk
The End of It All - John Tejada
Moaner - Underworld
Cascades of Colour - Anada Project
Sydney - Gabriel & Dresden
Somnabulist (Simply Being Loved) - BT
Blood In Pumpin' (Future Breeze Remix) - Voodoo & Serano
Funky For You (Spacehopper Mix) (172 bpm) - Deadbeats

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