Sunday, April 07, 2013

I just want to fly.

Morning Boy Run
Temperature: 61°
Distance:  .85 miles

Very windy, and so was he. I don't mean he was windy, I mean he was winded. We ran about half without stopping, but it was a bit arduous with the wind, so we walked most of the rest of the block.

Temperature: 59°
Climate: just awesome.
Distance: 4 miles

First summery day of the spring, and I feel whiny, exhausted and depressed. But wait there's more, please allow me to elaborate. The exhaustion comes from finding it very difficult to sleep last night (which is the new normal) yet not awake enough to sit up and read, which would have been a much better way to spend my time.

Dreams, too, about alligators. Four of them. Never been pursued by any kind of large animal before, that's new, especially not four of them.

Anyway, the exhaustion sits in my eyes, which means it's real, and not just being lazy. The kind of weary that makes me sink to the floor. And yet ... beautiful day. Will running make me feel better or worse. Only one way to find out.

1994 Playlist
Get Ready For This - 2 Unlimited
Live Forever - Oasis
Buried At Sea (175 bpm) - MC 900 Ft Jesus
13 Steps Lead Down - Elvis Costello
Missing - Everything But the Girl
Bus To Beelzebub - Soul Coughing
I Do Not Want This - Nine Inch Nails
Come Out and Play (157 bpm) - The Offspring
Troubled Mind - Everything But the Girl

So, yeah. Nineteen Ninety-Four. Perfect. I know I am glad I ran. I do not know if that was good for me. With a day like today, sunny and cool and all the time in the world, I would have preferred a six mile run, but at the last turning I started to feel a tingling in my right shin. That's new. It's still there.

It is four in the afternoon on a Sunday when I do not feel I have contributed very much to this world. If I take a nap, which I feel like doing, then I may as well get a bumper sticker which reads I give up.

More on my wife: she drinks. [[sigh]]

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