Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Life kid drink from the box.

We ate 'em.
But we didn't like 'em.

Dining on the road: We spent two days on the road this weekend, that rare type of excursion where we stay at a hotel for more than one night. It's grubby kind of camping ... sure, there's a bar downstairs and someone cleans your room for you (or attempts to, in this case) but you're this sad, hobo family with your small, wrinkled selection of clothes hanging on the shower rod and sleeping two or three to a bed.

Then there's the food. Food at the zoo. Food at the restaurant. Food at the hotel. Food at another restaurant. Food at the hotel. Food at the hotel. Food at a restaurant.  There was a valiant attempt on this first morning to eat well (thanks for the encouragement, honey) but it's so easy to fall into the habit of getting what you waaaant, and then eating the entire serving. That's how that happens.

It is even more distressing to watch my son do the same thing, even after he has announced that he is full, he just keeps going. We're working on that. We're all working on that, together, because it's not just him. Now that I think of it, working with him could be what it takes to change my habits.

Temperature: 36°
Climate: bright, brisk and dry
Distance: 3.25 miles

So enthusiastic for the sunshine, I wore shorts and a doo-rag. Felt fine for a while, but now my legs sting and my ears hurt and I am very dizzy.

Oh my God. I am not dizzy because of the cold. I entirely forgot to eat lunch today.

1999 Playlist
Bodyrock - Moby
Futurama Theme - Danny Elfman
Kiss Me - Sixpence None the Richer
Bruce Lee - Underworld
Thank You (160 bpm) - Dido
Compression (175 bpm) - Everything but the Girl
Get Outta My Room (161 bpm) - The Donnas

Awkward runners.
I am the dandy.

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