Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm in effect, and you're not.

Warmest its been all day. The wife came home after a weekend away, she's putting the kids to sleep. I have been released.

Temperature: 52°
Climate: ideal, cool and dark
Distance:  5.15 miles

Sometimes ... sometimes I run really fast. I feel loose, my feet feel good, there are no pains, nothing odd, and the music inspires me to fly. Tonight was one of those nights. As long as I can, I will.

1988 Playlist
Birth, School, Work, Death - The Godfathers
Turn This Mutha Out - MC Hammer
Tropical Flesh Mandala (181 bpm) - Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
Sister Madly (171 bpm) - Crowded House
It Takes Two - Rob Base and DJ E Z Rock
End of the Line (168 bpm) - Traveling Wilburys
Walk The Dinosaur - Was (Not Was)
Ana Ng - They Might Be Giants
Pop Song '89 (acoustic) - R.E.M.
Bonin' In The Boneyard - Fishbone
Kiss (Aon Mix) - The Art of Noise ft. Tom Jones

Spring, when a young man's thoughts turns to romance, and an old man's turns to when he was a young romantic.

Think I better dance now.

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