Friday, May 03, 2013

I'm where I want to be.

When winter passes, and moving into the out-of-doors is no longer uncomfortable (this, before the humidity that falls by mid-June) then all fretting of weight and size seems to pass. For a moment, for a brief moment. Not obsessed by consumption, or the size of my pants, or how my shirts fit. It's just pleasing passage through the air -- even hard smelling air, bright shocking sky, like that I experienced walking up Euclid for an after-work, happy hour drink to discuss FringeNYC plans with other members of the company. It's worth it to squint, when the breeze is not so cool as to chill, nor yet hot enough to make a sweat. Ideal, late afternoon stroll through downtown, which no longer feels desert, great crowds reclaiming the pavement, even if it's just because there's a game tonight. It feels like a city looking forward to summer.

And so am I. And so am I.

Temperature: 73°
Climate: cool & lightly breezy
Distance: 3.25 miles

Whatever anxieties followed me home melted in the cool night air as I ran, and picked up speed. Confusing conversation made sense, ideas fell into place, timing became a philosophy. These things can be managed and controlled and addressed and solved.

I could not find the clown shoes last Sunday and wore traditional running shoes. That did not feel good, I felt it in my knees, I felt wobbly and uncertain. In the zero drops I feel the pavement -- I know it is there, and I am aware of my alignment, of the way my toes are pointing. I feel it all. And it feels good.

Gorillaz Genius Playlist
DARE - Gorillaz
Too Long - Daft Punk
Like Eating Glass (160 bpm) - Bloc Party
Girls & Boys - Blur
Michael (158 bpm) - Franz Ferdinand
Nothing Better - The Postal Service


Art2mis said...

Mort's! Did you know that was a hangout of mine, when I worked downtown? Probably not. Ah, the Baker Building.

pengo said...

Oh, yes, the Baker Building! Never went into Moriarty's myself, not until tonight. But I'll be back. Especially for happy hour.