Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wonder why he ran.

Another thing about the Turkey Trot ... this year, for the first time, they added a 5K. In addition to the fine weather, I imagine adding this race was a factor in attendance surging by two thousand participants.

However, both races started at the same time, and shortly after the one mile mark all 5K runners were diverted one block north to St. Clair to head back for the finish while the five mile runners headed out almost one more mile, then we cut right for a block and headed back up St. Clair ...

... can you see where this might not be the best idea? Suddenly there were all of these runners - most of them slower runners, parents with strollers or children, a kid on a ripstik - and they were in my way.

And not just me, I heard a lot of complaints. In particular, there were these two beefy guys right in right of my during the last tenth of a mile, elbow to elbow, blocking traffic as many of us were trying to speed up to peel off a few seconds. Maybe they were five mile runners, but if this was their pace, how the hell did they ever get ahead of me?

Distance: 4.16 miles
Avg Pace: 7:39
Route: Boulevard Loop

I used to have such beautiful feet. Right now several of my toenails are discolored and may be preparing to fall off. This past marathon session took a lot out of them... could it be the shoes?

Another item: These headphones have lasted a long time. But I believe they are starting to go.

Temperature: 41°
Climate: light rain
Weight: 161 lbs.
Mood: upbeat if anxious

What's That Lyric?
Little Mascara - The Replacements

"Time Machine Weekend" on The Current. This hour? Nineteen Eighty-Five, the greatest year in popular music history ... right after this one.

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