Sunday, February 07, 2016

Only the strong survive.

Last night was the annual Great Lakes Gala, held at the Hanna Theatre. After a number of my colleagues went to Parnell's, I had to leave at 1:00 AM but I imagine my coworkers closed the place. I hadn't even had much to drink, but I got very little sleep last night.

Woke at 7:30 AM on purpose to avoid a headache. In that endeavor I was successful. But I have spent the day a bit delirious.

It is fifty degrees in February, and it is a Sunday. I have to run.

Distance: 3.26 miles
Avg Pace: 7:47
Duration: 25:22
Route: Forest Hill Loop

Temperature: 50°
Climate: overcast and cool
Weight: 162.5 lbs. (+1.0)
Mood: tremulous

Yesterday The Current dedicated their Saturday morning Teenage Kicks program to the enduring legacy of "Kraut Rock." I'd never heard Can. But I'd heard of them.
I was there in 1968. I was there at the first Can show in Cologne. But I'm losing my edge. - LCD Soundsystem
There's, like, twenty bands I love that wouldn't exist without the song Mother Sky.

1969 Playlist
Mother Sky - Can
Go To The Mirror - The Who
Only The Strong Survive - Jerry Butler
Come Together - The Beatles
My Pledge of Love - The Joe Jeffrey Group
It's All Too Much - The Beatles

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