Saturday, July 02, 2016

What are you running from?

Interesting day yesterday, spent the afternoon on my own, cleaning house for guests who will arrive today, old friends from college. Spent some time editing the play. It's hard, moving from oblique to obvious, such a fine line. Fine, wide line. I wrote something angry. I think it's entirely pointless. I put it down so I could take it away. It's that line I mentioned yesterday. Maybe it's just the right line. Right now I can't be sure.

Distance: 3.6 miles
Route: Forest Hill Loop

It has truly been an existential morning, picking up, sweeping, mopping. Alone.

In the old days we would labor to clean the house only to invite in thirty or so of our closest friends, spill food and drink and cloud the entire house with smoke. The next morning it was like we hadn't cleaned at all.

God. Did that really happen? I know it did. There are pictures. Pictures not for social media. Alcohol and smoke and ridiculous acts. Desperate play. I am glad those days are past. Not because I don't miss those people, I do. I don't miss the person I was.

Temperature: 70°
Climate: overcast and Humid
Weight: 163.5 lbs.
Mood: good

I have eaten a lot of ground beef this week.

College Music Playlist
Rise - Public Image Limited
Starfish & Coffee - Prince
She's Got a New Spell - Billy Bragg
Don't Believe the Hype - Public Enemy
The Pleasure Principle - Janet Jackson
Sleeping With Your Devil Mask - Robyn Hitchcock
All Night Long - Peter Murphy

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