Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016 Friendship Day 5K

Last time we were in town for the annual Friendship Day, only Bob and I headed out for the 5K. This year, almost the entire clan did. Not to cheer me on, but to participate.

The wife and kids ran the one mile. The girl came in first, running 7:47.8 with the boy following at 9:27.

This was my wife's first race, and I am very proud of her. She had to walk a bit during the middle, but came in not very far behind the kid, completing with a sprint.

My brother also ran, with my niece (he was the only one in a seersucker shirt) and my sister-in-law walked it with our mom.

My cousin JT, whom I wrote about in And Then You Die came in third overall, breaking twenty minutes. I have only done that once, it has been some time.

I did place third in my division, though I neglected to find out what I placed over all.

And I got a trophy!

They got my number.
23rd Annual Friendship Day 5K
Start: 7:45 am
Official time: 22:22
Place Men 41 & Over: 3rd

Three years ago I had no idea where the race headed before I ran it. The course heads down to the harbor and back, which is to say down to sea level then back up. The second half of the race is almost entirely a steady incline.

In spite of this knowledge, it was arduous. I used headphones this time out, they aren't forbidden and it's not a crowded pack. I regret nothing. The beats kept my feet moving and I was pretty successful at lengthening my strides with minimal effort heading downhill, and keeping it steady all the way back.

It would have been wise to get my heart rate up before the race began, as I was pretty winded at the start before steadying my breath. The last mile was a bit stressful. Today I ran as fast as I could. Honestly, that was pretty much all I got.

But I also got a trophy!

Friendship 5K 165-169 bpm Playlist
All You Pretty Girls - XTC
In the Summertime - Mungo Jerry
Hounds of Love - The Futureheads
Throwing It All Away - Genesis
About You Now - Sugababes
Too Dramatic - Ra Ra Riot
A New England - Billy Bragg

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