Friday, July 01, 2016

Another day.

Your Public Square
Yeah. I am totally ready for my family to return home to me. I am very happy they are having a good time at the beach. The photos are glorious. But I miss them very much, and want them to fill this house again.

The past several days the excitement continues to flood through the streets of Cleveland. Yesterday, they officially re-opened Public Square, and it is something to see. A multi-use space, with a field and a fountain (the kind you can play in) with a cafe and all the traditional features; Soldiers & Sailors Monument, Moses Cleaveland, Mayor Tom Johnson.

And the Tribe has won thirteen in a row. Thirteen in a row. That is a streak which stretches back to 1951. What the hell is happening to my town?

I have taken several walks up and down Euclid Avenue the past few days, not just to stretch my legs and look around but also the meet with folks at the library to discuss final preparations for our tour of Twelfth Night. Yes, there are things happening, and in my small way I am contributing to them.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Route: Forest Hill Loop

I need one line of dialogue which explains almost everything, without just saying everything. I know where it goes, and who says it. But I don't know what it is yet.

However, I did figure another exchange that will clarify certain other things in a manner which remains oblique.

This is why I run.

Temperature: 66°
Climate: light rain, humid - sweaty!
Weight: 164.5 lbs.
Mood: good

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You Used to Hold Me - Calvin Harris
Breathe - Télépopmusik
Marvo Ging - The Chemical Brothers
Heart of Glass - Nouvelle Vague
Take California - The Propellerheads

Oh, you confounding, unnamed first decade of this millennium.

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