Friday, July 15, 2016


"Run I" by Sol Lewitt (1962)
Did you know ..? I actually started this blog in 2005. I had been applied to the New York Marathon (I would not make the lottery regardless) and started training in earnest, even running a spring 5 mile in Akron before getting sidelined by a bizarre work-related injury (don't ask) and suffering a hairline fracture in my right heel.

I tried to ignore the pain, and pretend it was like a bruise or something, and ended up developing a lot of additional injuries as a result of trying to run anyway, and pulling a hamstring and just generally not being able to walk very well.

I assisted my son's childbirth on a broken heel. I performed I Hate This a few times like that. It took several months before finally seeing a doctor and getting recommended physical therapy.

Anyway, I had started this blog, but stopped, as I stopped running, because what I had to write was depressing me and a pathetic way to start. I tried recording my runs again in January, 2006, and have never stopped since.

Sunday I reported, "I got a kink in my ankle." Well, by that evening it had gotten worse, feeling less like a slight twist, and something more like a stress fracture. It just hurt to put direct pressure onto my heel. I have made it through the week with pain reliever and ice, and the pain has subsided from it's height on Monday.

However, last night it felt as though I was on the mend, as they say. The pain had localized, it was in one spot and I had nearly convinced myself that this was just some kind of sprain, and that perhaps I could resume running soon. I did some light foot stretches and believed that that was helping. Friday I would run! This morning it still feels as though my entire ankle is messed up and I have to walk carefully upon it.

I remember that madness which possessed me, eleven years ago. It was spring, and then summer, good weather, and I was unable to run. I would try anyhow (this was long before I was even very good at it) and compensate by running lightly on my injured foot, and as a result totally messing up the rest of my body.

It was months before I sought physical therapy. Just a stubborn man. I tried calling the other morning but their service never picked up. I believe I need professional advice and therapy, and will do the mature thing by calling the doctor today.

Last weekend the wife and I took our (postponed) wedding anniversary by visiting the art museum and an extended walkabout the Uptown district for dinner, dessert and drinks.

The image above is from the Converging Lines: Eva Hesse & Sol Lewitt exhibit, now through July 31.

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