Friday, July 29, 2016

You would always come running to me.

Pemaquid Lighthouse
As much as I enjoy running, and as exciting as it can be to have a race to look forward to, I cannot adequately express how relieved I m not to be in training for a marathon this year.

When we drive the length of Rt. 220 between Friendship and Woldoboro I am reminded of the many runs I took last year in preparation for St. Paul. They are memorable, they were beautiful, but they were also exhausting, with all the many rises and falls, and also dangerous, with the cars suddenly appearing from around blind bends in the road.

Then there was that fateful sixteen mile run down Hell Road which haunts me to this day. Really, it was harrowing, and I will never forget it.

Yesterday was a very full day, Denny's family and ours and cousin Lydia all went for a two hour-plus kayaking expedition where we were fortunate enough to see many seals, and also eagles and herons and loons.

We also visited Pemaquid Point, got ice cream at Round Top, and other side excursions. My brother and his family headed off to Boothbay today, but our team decided we were a little exhausted (we also stayed up late to watch Hillary's speech) and have chosen to stay close to the cabin today.

The boy and I were in a tandem kayak yesterday morning, which was a great experience. We are both bullheaded and I have shaped him into an irritating smart-ass in almost entirely the same mold as myself. Negotiating the kayak together was an exercise in "bonding." That's the way he put it.

Distance: 2.5 miles
Avg Pace: 8:00
Duration: 20:00
Route: Martin Point

Why Me? Playlist
Silver Rainbow - Genesis
Catch Me Now I'm Falling - The Kinks
Get It On (Bang A Gong) - The Power Station
Freeze Frame - J. Geils Band

Temperature: 79°
Climate: overcast & hot
Mood: good

Tomorrow is Friendship Day. Last time I was present for that 5K was three years ago. Would have preferred to get a run in yesterday, but the past two days have not been without activity; the kayaking, and Wednesday's line dancing.

Yes, there was line dancing at nine in the morning on Wednesday at the community house on Martin Point. You can keep your yoga, I'll take my Cupid Shuffle.

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