Saturday, December 03, 2016

It struck me that the two of us could run.

Got my mittens, got my hat.
I wonder where the snow is at.
Joyeux Noël. 'Tis the season. The elves still visit though they speak with greater maturity to the teen and near-teen. The advent calendar is out, preparations are being made for annual holiday events. Taking the girl to rehearsal for the winter recital at CIM this morning, this evening is the reception for the winners of the writing contest at Playhouse Square.

Tomorrow, we hold the first of what we hope will be a series of salons in our home. No idea how many people will attend. Kind of freaks me out, actually. But what will be will be.

Rose early, wrote, thought, planned, sent the boy to a robotics competition. The wheels turn.

Distance: 3.3 miles
Route: Forest Hill Loop
Temperature: 37°

Been a good morning, then got a headache right in my temple before heading out. Right then. Not fair. But I made it, breathing cold air deeply through my nose to clear my head. It still hurts, but I am glad I pushed through.

Standing straight, running down the sidewalk, and looked down at my feet. They looked so small from up there.

Climate: cool
Mood: my head hurts

Obama Years (2009-2016)
Wide Awake - Katy Perry
Fascination - La Roux
Run - Vampire Weekend
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Mute (Jokers of the Scene Remix) - The Brash
We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus
Bury Our Friends - Sleater-Kinney

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