Friday, July 27, 2007

When I was and a tiny little boy

Distance: 5.7 miles
Weight: 167 lbs. (last night I was defeated by a carrot cake)
Stretches: yes
Drink: Gatorade
Snack: PowerBar Triple Threat
Time: 6.20 am
Temperature: 65ยบ
Weather: the rain it raineth every day

Had I suggested to L. that we skip running and that she simply invite me in to have tea for half-hour, I am sure she would have agreed. As it was to be our last morning together for a while, I didn't. Hate to be inconvenient, but I am a runner, and what's a little rain?

Besides, in the ten minutes it ook me to get here I was already soaked, why shouldn't she join in the fun? And maybe, if she keeps this up in New York, she won't be daunted by a little rain.

Not that it was a little, it was a lot. It was a lot of rain.

The past few weeks have been very difficult at work, and I am intensely grateful that L. was in town to run with. I might have ditched on several occasions in the past two weeks, but for the anticipation of having her to run with. She leaves tomorrow. There's a 5K in Mayfield on Sunday. We'll see about that. In any event, camp is over in seven days, and with it, most of the summer.


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