Saturday, April 26, 2008

Afraid to fall, I'll fly instead

Gabriel & Dresden (Continuous Mix) - Gabriel & Dresden

It would appear to be my annual Athens South Green Bike Path run with this album, the last taken April 28 of last year.

Last time I went out too far before heading back, forgetting the first and second songs after the halfway point are kind of downers. This time I thought I was making great time ... without realizing the way out I had the wind at my back - alot of wind. Still, I got in before the album ended, putting in nine miles in an hour and six.

My bunion has been acting up (I hate writing that, I sound like grandpa) and was making my feet tingle on the drive here last night, that was unpleasant. My foot has been looking pretty straight, I have been using a toe-separator regularly but something about the last few days has made it irritated.

Maybe it was the photo shoot - I have to wear these Chuck Taylor's for the photo shoot, my Chuck's from back when I used to buy them. I used to get my shoes in ten, but since I started running on a regular basis I am officially 10 and a half and all my old shoes do not fit right. Standing on a scaffold, trying not to fall over for two hours while assuming a Superman pose ... in hose ... does a lot of work on your calves, back and feet.

Really. I'm not kidding.

Run Stats:
Distance: 9 miles
Weather: overcast and warmish - beautiful

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