Monday, January 26, 2009

Back on your heads.

Yes! Blue hairs and theater people!

Yesterday went very well, I sped through it as best I could, which I believe is best. There were a few ringers in the audience (Brian, Cat - thank you) who I could count on for huge, knowing laughs.

We have struck the space, and left it for the next company, for next weekend's Big Box. If you can only make one or two, I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to check out the following pieces: InCogNegro and Unethical. I understand BACKspace is also going to be pretty good.

It was a tremendous weekend ... and now the let-down. Only I do not have time for let-down, I need to pack lunches for small children, substitute for an actor-teacher in Medina, plan a personal appearance at a real estate function and cram another long monologue into my head.

And what about the future of this show? Fringe festivals? Solo festivals? Too many people did too much work to get it this far without taking it further.

And am I actually going to run NY09? Well. Let's wait and see. Without the waiting part.

UPDATE: Thanks, Margi!


Aligorey said...

I would love to be in the loop for further development! Congratulations on a wonderful weekend.

Margi Herwald Zitelli said...

I think this could do well on the alt theater festival circuit. We really enjoyed it, and I was - as always - impressed by your brave honesty in writing about yourself like this.

And thanks for the plug!