Thursday, January 15, 2009

High gear

Things begin to excelerate. Two hour rehearsal this afternoon - and every day until we open. Tonight Josh and Cat get together for a second crack at catching the live skecthing. I should be able to make that, even if it leaves me destroyed for work tomorrow.

That's if there is work tomorrow, the cold has shut down a great many schools, I am spending time in the office for the first day in a very long time.

The wife made the kindest cuts of all. She, like the Unit, thinks the Marathon scene is out of place. It's the only scene where I have been standing my ground, I want to try this and if it doesn't work in Big Box, well, that's what Big Box is for.

Original word count: 12,535
Today's word count: 11,446

Yes, we can.

UPDATE: Ali and I will be Dee's guests on Around Noon, Wednesday, January 21. Or maybe Thursday the 22nd. They won't tell us yet.

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