Saturday, January 24, 2009

That's one.

We were oversold last night, that's good. I had only read Jeff's piece, CLAUS FOR A MOMENT and so had no idea how it would play before an audience. It went over like gangbusters, Jeff is quite a character and the audience truly ate up his version of Santa. It's a unique vision, and it's really heartfelt. It's also kind of raunchy. You'll love it. Don't bring the kids.

My show ... well, Jesus, I don't have time to reflect on my experience last night. It made me very, very happy. I was shocked by how many laughs there are in the first scene, I thought I was just telling a story. There were a few ringers in the front row, actor-teachers who were cracking up less at me and more at the idea of me.

As a result, however, everything I had been holding back came flying out. And it was exhausting. Seth and Eric C. noted afterwards how astonishing it was that I could run for so long during one scene, and then stop short and breathe normally.

"That," I said, poking Seth in the shoulder, "is because I am a trained actor."

And, I imagine, because I run f*cking marathons. Yeah.

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