Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Wall

I am loathe to admit difficulty publicly, because I have no idea who is reading. But what is the point of a blog if it's not going to be interesting. So here goes.

Today was f*cking disheartening. It's not anyone's fault (certainly not The President's, that part was awesome) but one day of tech stretched into two as Josh struggled for hours to figure out how in hell to hang the projector to make it fit our screen.

The screen - which we were grateful to have at our access was too small for the image cast by the projector we have ... unless you move it closer, which Josh did, unless you jerry-rig the tray so the projector doesn't pitch out of it, which Josh did, unless you move the screen back a few feet, which Ali and Kelly did ...

And then you have an image the size of a tee vee screen at the back of the theater. No one was happy, least of all Josh, whose work on all those slides would be difficult to make out.

The run, which was actually a cue-to-cue, began after I had been waiting for over two hours, closer to three. Thanks to weather, and tech, I have not run the show straight through since Saturday. Ali had to leave early for a different rehearsal, and Kelly & Josh asked if we should just skip from cue to cue, and I said no, I had to say the lines, run the costumes, get it out there.

F*ck, it is a wearying show. That was part of its appeal. But it just sapped me tonight. Again, no one is at fault. But it is beginning to seriously freak me out.

Salvation came in the form of an old friend, who I haven't spoken to for a while. Josh informed me, out of nowhere, that this friend has a large screen, and would I feel strange calling him. Of course not! Which is to say yes, I did feel strange. I always hate calling someone after a long absence just because I need something ... but sometimes, that's just why you have to call someone.

We'll have a big ol' screen tomorrow. And maybe cartoons, all of the sound ... we cobble it together, piece by piece.

Hope, not fear. Right?

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Cat said...

Those old friends that you don't call until you need something?

Feel free. Anytime. People would rather hear from you than not, even if you are just calling to borrow their air mattress or suit of armour or whatever.