Thursday, January 22, 2009

Free Times Hires New Cartoonist

The Free Times, March 2 – 8, 1994

Cleveland, OH — Pengo has been hired by The Free Times as its new political cartoonist.

The Free Times will also feature Pengo's syndicated strip,
Angst, which appears in two dozen weekly papers.

Born and raised in Bay Village, he started his work in political cartooning with his high school newspaper, The Bay Window, poking fun at student politics, suburban life and the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

After graduation, Pengo started work as a caricature artist at the Cedar Point, developing skills he would eventually use in his line of work as a political cartoonist. He began college at Ohio University in 1986 and created daily strips for the school's paper, The Post.

After graduation in 1991, his political cartoons appeared in the Cleveland Edition shortly before that paper folded. His work has also been seen in promotions for the Cleveland International Film Festival, and as album covers for Cleveland-area bands.

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