Saturday, January 17, 2009


The thing about Big Box is you have to arrive prepared. You "get the key to the space" on Monday, and have four days to work before the show opens that Friday.

This surprised my colleague Lisa when she found out she needed to find a space to direct an entire cast for Unethical. It's easier for a one-person show, you can just use someone's living room.

It's the shoes.

Lucky me, Ali (and Sean) had no problem offering their home to get this play on its feet. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ali & Sean. And thanks to stage manager Kelly for taking a few pictures of today's rehearsal.

Does this monologue make me look fat?

Preparing for the Big Box production of I Hate This, my director and I worked in my basement and, ironically enough, in the nursery of my newborn child.

I change my clothes a lot in this show.

1988 - Learning that socks make excellent gloves.

Okay, this is too weird. Is it my pasty, naked torso that makes it look truly weird, the fact that my director is just sitting there on a couch three inches in front of me ... or is it the Christmas tree?

Neither the tree, the couch nor my director are actually part of the set.

Finally dressed for running.

We practice quick changes tomorrow, one more run-through ... and on Monday, we get the key!

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