Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Forgot to have running shoes at rehearsal last night. Bouncing up and down on a hard floor in my socks for an hour, yes - that's the way to justify arthoscopic knee surgery, dumbass.

Josh came in with preliminary slides last night. Very fun, great visual ideas to compliment the perf. We recorded some voice-overs for a potential YouTube advertisement and I wrote down captions and we chose photos and music.

I saw his rough cut this morning and decided to eliminate the voice-overs. That was my original idea, anyway ... but then I saw this piece from Theatre Ninjas, who perform this weekend in Big Box. I panicked and thought - I need to add CONTENT!

I just cannot handle Web 2.0 (my wife hates that term.) I used to have this rep as an amazing p.r. guy - and someone who knew his way around computers. But p.r. has changed and so have the computers. I think I need to keep it simple.

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