Sunday, January 05, 2014

You're confused on which way to go.

We had Second Christmas at my folks' last night, at which I received the one thing I had specifically asked for for Christmas, a gift card to a sporting goods store. Having received it, I am overwhelmed by the options.

I do not need a new jacket, I got one last year and it wears just fine. My cold weather pants were a gift from my brother, maybe 10 years ago. Seriously. And they are still perfect, zippers intact and everything. I have plenty of long underwear, socks, etc.

I could get myself that Superman running tee, and also some new athletic supporters, and a face guard, and maybe a pack of new socks. I could get a lot of things!

Or I could buy one pair of shoes.

Temperature: 34°
Pavement: wet, slippery streets
Distance: 3.25 miles
Weight: 176 lbs.

Remember: You want to run in the morning when it is suddenly and surprisingly above freezing, be sure to transfer the wash to the dryer the night before.

1973 Playlist
Love Reign O'er Me - The Who
Free Ride - The Edgar Winter Group
Get It Together - The Jackson 5
The Ballroom Blitz - The Sweet
Block Buster - The Sweet
Penetration - The Stooges
Jungle Lion - Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters
Skokian - Hot Butter
Living For The City - Stevie Wonder
Jungle Boogie - Kool & The Gang

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