Thursday, November 26, 2015

2015 Cleveland Turkey Trot

Can't believe Chris Richards wore his race shirt to the race.

Distance: 5 miles
Start: 9:30 am
Temperature: 51°
Official Time: 34:57.63
Pace: 6:59

Overall Place: 255
45-49 Age Group: 14

Way too much going on here.
Yes, very different than last year. No worrying about completely wiping out heading down West 3rd. My shoes remained entirely dry. There was a water stop, and people on the street to cheer. Instead of sleet and ice, it was just a perfect day for running, cool and dry.

Attendance (so they tell me) was up two thousand this year, to 9,000 participants. The weather no doubt played a part, but so did the addition of a 5K. As a result the start was pushed back ten minutes, and then another five. We took it in stride. Remember, it could be worse. It could be sleeting.

A number of us had met at the parking garage or at the starting line, though we separated pretty fast once the race started. Fornadel kept up with me last year, but this year he was on a mission. Soon he was far out ahead of me and I wondered if I could keep up with him.

For most of the race I was something faster than a seven and a half mile, but I never caught up with him. Looking for him at the finish line, I learned he'd crashed around the four mile mark with a major cramp. I keep wondering when something like that is going to happen to me, I've really taken it easy since the Twin Cities, and could feel the slackness in my abdomen. Woo.

Having said that, trying to keep up with Fornadel - even when he wasn't actually there - was some kind of motivating factor. I beat seven minutes? Srsly? I do not have a record of every single five mile race I have ever run, but I he no doubt today's time is a personal best.

Gear: UA shoes, long-sleeved shirt, gloves, cap, SHORTS.

Weight: 162.5 lbs.

Diet creep. This is the way it happens. Yesterday, for example, I had three doughnuts. Seriously. Three. Last night I had two beers. And a piece of cake. This is the way it happens. And today is Thanksgiving.

Yesterday a good friend from high school posted a photo from our ten year reunion, and that was almost twenty years ago.

My. Bald can look good, but balding does not. Also, glasses are important. Also, too, the 90s mini-sideburns thing was really stupid.

And look at my chubby face. I don't want a face like that again.

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