Sunday, November 22, 2015

You know you're always paying for the shit that's free.

Busy not busy. Certainly not lacking in seconds nor minutes. Work is mental and I have pressing my brain into the rear of my skull rather than projecting it forward out into the world, more hiding than I am afraid.

Home time means either housework or wandering. You can see it does not translate into running. Making an effort currently takes a lot of effort. Clean, organize, try to be helpful. And that's pretty much it.

I am feeling kind of low, is what I am saying. Listless and without direction. The holidays may improve upon this or, as the man said, throw it into sharp relief.

What am I looking forward to? I champion others' efforts. No longer sure what mine are.

Also, I woke up with a headache pretty much every day this week. So that's not good. Better today, though.

Distance: 3.4 miles
Avg Pace: 8:26
Route: Boulevard Loop

So. Running. Still feels good. Snow falling this morning, currently in the crunchy only slightly slippery mode. It was like a real workout. My knees hurt a little, the cold does that. Form is good, just losing a little of my wind. Got to make more than once a week.

But then, that's assured, with a five mile race on Thursday. Supposed to be back up to the sixties by then. Can't remember how many years we've had a mild and warm Thanksgiving.

Family coming into town. Special events at work this work, celebrations and traditions over the weekend. So much to be thankful for and I will remember that every day.

Temperature: 32°
Climate: snow
Weight: 159.5 lbs.
Mood: better?

Because it is snowing, the girl insists on Christmas music. It is not yet Thanksgiving, and yet the wife has not objected. See? All things can change.

What's That Lyric?
Complexity - Eagles of Death Metal

The past several days I have seen the phrase "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," which is 1) entirely false and 2) totally obnoxious.

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