Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Untouchable like Eliot Ness.

The snow waits for next week. The pavements are dry and hazard-free. Running through the park, once so full and overgrown and green, now naked, bare and gray. Couldn't see two feet around the bend before, now can see almost all the way through.

Distance: 3.57 miles
Avg Pace: 7:46
Route: Forest Hills Loop

Anniversaries come around. Today's playlist reminds me of playtime in the Night Kitchen. We were doing long from improv twenty years ago this month, I can't imagine anything more trivial.

Started writing something new the past few nights. That's always exciting.

Temperature: 37°
Climate: cool
Pavement: clear

School lunch will kill us all.

Weight: 162 lbs.
Mood: good. you know?

Thank you, Ben Folds, for so properly capturing Gen X anxiety and romance and melancholy and nostalgia. You and Marshall Crenshaw. You need to tour together.

1995 Playlist
Where's Summer B? - Ben Folds Five
Vaseline - Elastic
Brain Stew - Green Day
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me - U2
Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix) - Rob D
Gerbil - Filter
I'll Keep Coming Back - Chanelle
California Love - Tupac ft. Dr. Dre

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