Sunday, January 10, 2016


March, 2006
Yesterday it was 52° outside. Today it is considerably colder.

Ten years ago today, I began this blog. I began keeping Daddy Runs Fast.
January 10, 2006 
Bad News: 10 lbs. overweight, with a compulsion to eat everything in my reach. Just yesterday I scarfed down some four M&M cookies. Today it was fried crap from BK.

Good News: There was a period last year when I doubted I would ever run again. The plan is to run no more than three days a week, and only for short distances, until the first day of spring. It will be a difficult road back ... but it's been harder than this before.
When I said I was ten pounds overweight it was because I was around 170 lbs. At that time I had applied for the New York City Marathon but would not find out until June that I had won the entrance lottery.

Distance: 2.5 miles
Avg Pace: 8:40
Duration: 21:40
Route: Three times around the block.

New York Marathon, 2006
In ten years I have run three marathons (2006, 2012, 2015) and three half marathons (2007, 2008, 2010.)

I wrote a play about my life as a runner titled And Then You Die (How I Ran a Marathon in 26.2 Years) which was performed at Cleveland Public Theatre and at the New York International Fringe Festival in 2009.

I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee, to shear a torn meniscus. I developed and have dealt successfully with a herniated disc. I was on Lexapro for a year, and then off it ever since.

I have weighed 182 pounds. I have weighed 148 pounds.

Temperature: 27°
Climate: cold! ice! snow!
Pavement: crusty and slippery

I continue to run. I get better at it. Every race I have run faster and recovered faster. I wanted this to be part of my life, but until I started keeping a record of it, in this blog, I never really had. I would run, on occasion. Sometimes often, sometimes not for months.Writing about it, even if just making a note, maybe just saying how I wasn't in the mood to say anything, but making a mark every time I ran has kept me going.

I was 37 when I began this blog, now I am 47. My daughter was two going on three. At the end of this month she turns thirteen. The boy was not yet one.

January, 2016
Today we all went to the sporting good store to cash out a very generous gift card from my parents. I got new shoes, the boy winter gear, the girl shoes for futsal, and my wife - the runner - got an all-weather jacket and pants.

Weight: 162.5 lbs. (-3.0)
Mood: not bad
New shoes: Saucony Power Grid

2006 Playlist
Someone Great - LCD Soundsystem
Shine - Take That
Punkrocker - Teddybears ft. Iggy Pop
Mothership - Kid Beyond
Beware of the Dog - Jamelia
Heart In a Cage - The Strokes

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