Monday, August 01, 2016

Hatchet Cove Run

Mount Megunticook
Our second week. Again, it has been much more relaxing not to push myself to run every day, as I did last year. Besides, the days have not been without activity. Yesterday we scaled Mount Megunticook, that took a solid two hours of hiking, some if it a bit steep. My thighs were quite fatigued once we had descended.

Still. Amazing view.

The air has cooled, the nights much less troubled by bugs. Our family from St. Paul and London have departed. Their absence is felt. We read, we swim and fish. We social media. We vacation.

Distance: 0.7 miles
Avg Pace:11:06
Duration: 7:46
Route: Martin Point
Temperature: 72°
Climate: cool and overcast
Mood: all right

The wife and girl went to Portland for a rock concert at the State Theatre. The boy and I took a walk to Crystal Pond before running out to the beach on Hatchet Cove and back.

He complains about his feet hurting, which makes sense. After the race on Saturday he was very excited about running, he was so proud to have run a mile in less than ten minutes. I remember feeling the same way after my first race; this is great! But then having no guidance as how to continue.

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