Sunday, August 02, 2015

Flood's Cove-Waldoboro 16 Mile Loop

Smiley face on abandoned schoolhouse.
Created a sixteen mile course, out Route 220 into Waldoboro, cut across Finntown Road, then back into Friendship on Route 97. Ideally the traffic will be light early on a Sunday morning and I will keep sharp.

It has been some time since I have felt this apprehensive, this afraid of a run. When I turn off Rt. 220 I will be stepping into the unknown, trusting I will find my way to the road back. I will have my phone, the route is mapped. And yet.

Distance: 16 miles
Duration: 2:17:07
Avg Pace: 8:34
Route: Flood's Cove-Waldoboro 16 Mile Loop

Rose at five, took my time in departing, in general silence. Ate, drank coffee and water, read, did some healthy stretches. Heading out felt a little desperate, in spite of stretching exercises I felt stiffer than I have so far this week, but then I have been running every day with only a driving day as a day off, and besides I only got six hours of fitful sleep.

Had an unhappy dream. An old friend, one whom I have not seen in a while, he was lamenting his failures. I walked them from my office to the bottom level of the parking garage to their car and he was regretful that he had not accomplished anything since that one hit single he'd had almost twenty years ago.

The run became easier as I went, and my mapping program was extremely helpful. The first five miles things were going extremely well -- only eight cars passed that entire length -- until I turned off 220 onto Finntown Road where I was set upon by horseflies for four entire miles.

Exactly like this.
It was maddening, I was being buzzed and bitten constantly, swatting and cursing. It was like Adrien Brody in that scene from King Kong. If there is anything positive to be gleaned from the experience it is that my pace increased considerably.

The map kept me from making at least one wrong turn, and reassured me the entire journey that I was headed in the right direction.

Turning onto Rt. 97 was a considerable relief, as it appeared I was leaving the swarm behind. Later, my father (who had suggested the route) remembered to me that Finntown Road was formerly site of the county garbage dump, which may have been helpful information.

I began counting down from eleven miles (five miles? that's easy!) but the road back into Friendship included many more inclines and valleys. I first felt hungry and exhausted at mile twelve (three miles! come on, you run that every day!) but just kept chugging along, keeping a steady eight-and-a-half minute pace the entire time.

Amazingly, the tracking program said I completed sixteen perfect miles right at the point at which I had started. I have since shaved and showered, and written this blog post. The rest of the day is a glorious bonus.

Week Seven Total: 40 miles
Training To Date: 210 miles

One other thing. The sound of a rooster crowing is not much different than the sound of a rooster being murdered.

Temperature: 63° - 68°
Climate: coolish
Intake: granola, banana, yogurt & dried cranberries
Hydration: yes
Water Stop: water bottle
Stretches: yes, actually.

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