Sunday, January 22, 2017

Burning rubber like my love.

This scene was much funnier in "Elf."
My back is acting up again. That makes it sound like it's jumping around or something. It hurts, aches, in the small of my back. Same as before, standing for long periods makes it hurt, so does sitting in a chair. Oh, God. I wish we would invent something better than a chair. I need one of those sitting balls for my office, maybe. Right?

Distance: 3.25 miles
Route: Forest Hill Loop
Pavement: wet
Temperature: 55°
Climate: cool & humid
Mood: leaning forward

Such a busy day yesterday, across the nation, yes, but I had responsibilities with my son. Soccer, rock set at Brothers Lounge. Sarah took him to the science fiction marathon at Case where I joined up around eleven to watch Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005).

It's actually worse than I remembered, more weird than funny, but not even weird enough. Adams wrote these lines of dialogue that were jokes, really, set-ups and punchlines. But the humor is so dryly sarcastic, so British, they must have figured no one in America would get the, So you get these set-ups ... with no punchline. It's frustrating, nothing even makes sense.

Ah, well. Diversions.

Baseline: 174 lbs.
Today: 168.5 lbs. (-0-)
Goal: 165 lbs.
Ideal: 160 lbs.

Spring day in late January. Had to run. Lots of folks in the park today, walking dogs, or just walking themselves. Dude on a recumbent bike.

1981 Playlist
Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club
Skidmarks On My Heart - The Go-Go's
My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone) - Chilliwack
Six Months In A Leaky Boat - Split Enz
Is That Love - Squeeze
Jumpin' Jive - Joe Jackson
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic * - The Police

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