Friday, January 20, 2017

I could feel my balance shifting.

O-Man on drums! Be there!
Big weekend planned, but not with the business you might expect. I mean, it is ... a lot of creativity, new play festival, live music performed by my son. There is so much beautiful work in the world.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Avg. Pace: 8:18
Duration: 27:01
Route: Forest Hill Loop

Raining today, a pleasant rainy day run through the woods. A small girl in a East Cleveland school bus waved at me from the window. I waved back, and smiled.

Pavement: wet!
Temperature: 39°
Climate: rain
Mood: determined

Raining in Washington, D.C. as well today. Tomorrow the outlook is bright.

Baseline: 174 lbs.
Today: 169 lbs. (-2.0)
Goal: 165 lbs.
Ideal: 160 lbs.

2000 Playlist
Love Will Tear Us Apart - The Cure
It's My Turn To Fly - The Urge
The Man Who Loved The Earth/The Hand That Sold Shadows - Peter Gabriel
Dirty Trip - AIR
Saginou * - Zulya
Last Night - The Strokes
Downside-Up - Peter Gabriel

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