Thursday, June 25, 2009

Balm of hurt minds

No run today. Events have conspired against me. As the days get longer, bedtime for small children gets later. They are finally down by ten, which leaves little time for straightening up the house. Sleep, or laundry? Last night I chose laundry (with several episodes of The Colbert Report on hulu) before turning in by 11 pm. Then ... the new weather. Heat, humidity - spring suddenly summer. I woke with sinuses jammed and a nasty headache.

I did, actually, get into my running kit. I jogged up the street, by the time I went half a block, I felt like there was a small bag of potatoes smacking me in the eye everytime I took a step. I turned around, got back into bed and stayed there for an hour.

I had had a large glass of water, three Tylenol and two Sudafed. But really, nothing replaces sleep.

What Might Pengo See at the Fringe?

Some Editing and Some Theme Music
Jean Ann Douglass
Director: Jean Ann Douglass
With diaries replaced by tell-all YouTube channels, three people discover themselves in an increasingly complicated web of narcissistic self-marketing. If only we could control out lives the way we control our online presence.
1h 15m Local Brooklyn NY
Multi-Media Comedy

What is it about? Who knows? Nothing on their website. But I am intrigued.

Hey, I joined Twitter.

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