Monday, June 01, 2009

Three questions (see below)

Sometimes, Mr. Murakami is highly nfuriating. At the age of thirty, this man who had never written prose in his life - while leisurely watching a baseball game - he decided to write a novel. And it was a success! Around the same time, he decided to become a runner. And he still is! At the age of whatever, with little or no physical complaint.

The first time he ran a marathon, he attempted it without training - and he failed! Aw, boo.


Never too soon to choose which Fringe shows you are looking forward to seeing. Though it doesn't say 2009 yet, you simply need to visit FringeNYC and look up the "2008" show listing to see what is performing this year.

I never know what is going to be good, or a hit, or both, so suggestions will be welcome. I have a couple of months to make any decisions. Top of my list, however, is Abraham Lincoln's Big, Gay Dance Party.

Listening to: PODRUNNER Classic - Accelerator (162 BPM)

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 52ยบ
Weather: cool & clear
Weight: 155 lbs.

Here's the (next) big questions ... will be providing concise interviews with FringeNYC participants, if they answer a questionnaire about their show. It is a great, online interview, as they ask three simple questions which are decidedly difficult to answer.

So I am asking you. How would you answer these three questions - if you were me - about the show AND THEN YOU DIE?

1. What is your show about and what can audiences expect when they see it?

2. Why is your show pertinent to today’s times and/or why should your show be the choice for audiences to see?

3. Why did you choose to present this show?

We are allowed 300 words for all three answers, total. We are instructed not to use superlatives or hype, but just to explain what makes this show unique. Challenging!

Please leave a comment.

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Bubble said...

Well, obviously, I'll have to think about it. Having not yet seen (or read. Ahem) the play, perhaps I would do better to try to edit your replies down to 300 words for you.

I do that kind of thing a lot.