Monday, June 15, 2009


I have mentioned previously that when I was 12, I broke my leg. I mentioned at the time that I should have received physical therapy. The subject came up yesterday and my mother said no one had ever suggested physical therapy.

The reason the subject came up was because I was standing there, in the kitchen of my parents house, with my bare feet flat on the floor. I was trying to stand with my feet parallel, just making myself aware of the alignment of my feet, attempting to achieve balance. Just an absent-minded exercise while conversation was going on around me.

"Your right knee points in," my wife observed, and she was right. Not a little, but by very noticeable degrees. I had never noticed this before. No wonder.

"Yoga can help that," she added. Damn her. She knows I can't stand yoga. Yoga hurts me. Yoga makes me cry. Yoga killed my dog.

Listening to: PODRUNNER Classic - Hard Driven (160 BPM)

Great run ... but my head is very antsy today. All weekend, actually. There are a lot things going on - for the next two months. Program with at-risk youth in Lake County wraps up next week, the playwrights event at Cain Park is this weekend, arts camp starts shortly after that - during which I have a long-planned family excursion - and then, you know, the Fringe Festival, with the school year commencing the day I return. And grants, grant, grants.

I don't mind the work, it's the multi-tasking I can't handle.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 62ยบ
Weather: overcast & perfect
Weight: 155.5 lbs.

What Might Pengo See at the Fringe?


Kangagirl Productions
Writer: David Karl Lee
Director: Kenny Howard
Before Miss California, there was Anita Bryant, the original scandalicious beauty queen turned orange juice promoting, Jesus-loving, homo-hater. "A Tank in Taffeta!- "Inspired Hilarity!"- Orlando Sentinel. "Tastes suspiciously like a banana cream surprise...Delicious!"- Orlando Weekly.
1h 0m National Orlando FL
Comedy Multi-Media

The promotional photography is great fun. Sounds like a whoot.

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