Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The master gave me "nees."

Quiz: Name that comic book.

My relationship with my knees ... it's complicated.

My knees feel great. Except when they don't. I have resumed a regular exercise regimen, which is good, it's very very good. Strengthening my knees has to be a priority. Someone (my wife?) pointed out to me recently that the msuecles around your joints act as a kind of buffer in and of themselves, and if you simply run without doing any weight-bearing exercises, and lose all your fat and muscle, then the cartilage is the only padding you have. And that's not good. That may be why I tore my left, lateral meniscus.

Then again, it may be from when I jumped off a bed during a photo shoot at the height of about six feet. I broke my right heel ... but did I also cause slight damage to my left knee, which took three years to become an issue? The world will never know.

Running, I get complaints in either knee, in different places. When it hurts where the injury (and subsequent surgery) took place, I wonder of that is further injury, or just internal scarring with issues.

Lately - and this is weird - it's like the scars on my the exterior of my knee have been saying "hello." I don't look at the front of my knees, that's hard to do. But we took a group picture of my co-workers, one which is now framed on my desk. It was taken out in front of my house, by the same tree where we took the group portrait three years ago. And I am in the same position, kneeling down front.

I look old, real old, much older than the 2006 picture (which was taken just prior to training for the NY marathon.) Grayer, more gaunt (in a lumpy, English way, not in a sexy way) ... and there are these two, puckery bite marks, one on each side of my kneecap. They look positively fresh.

Last time, without warning, my knee suddenly blew up. That's how I knew I was injured. It's like the engine light, by the time it comes on, your car has already been seriously damaged.

Listening to: PODRUNNER Classic - Engine Summer (142 BPM)

Morning trot. Trying to keep my stride short - and slow. I have a tendency to go fast. It's true.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 54º
Weather: cool & overcast
Weight: 154 lbs.

Pengo (partial résumé)

Cleveland, OH (August, 2001 - Present)

• Title: Full-time Graphic Artist; Illustrator; Character Designer

• Duties: Creation and design of original character line featured in a series of sympathy cards entitled 'Extreme Love'.

• Conceptualized, developed and/or composed electronic art files for thousands of greeting cards on tight deadline schedule while also developing new skill sets and attending assorted in-house classes and presentations.

• Skills: PhotoShop, Illustrator, HTML - Dreamweaver - HomeSite, Flash, Image Ready, Quark, Word, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration - Traditional & Digital, Print Design, Web Design

• Intuitive, Self Starter

See: Pengo's Biography - a fictional work-in-progress.


Reluctant Runner said...

When my knees get twingy, its usually a sign I need to replace my running shoes. The old ones have too many miles on them. I realize it's not a real solution to long-term knee problems but I thought I'd toss it out there as something to try if you're feeling minor discomfort...

pengo said...

I appreciate your comment, I do, it's just that ... well, I bought new shoes less than three months ago. And they feel pretty good right now - there have been times when I have gotten new shoes which have entirely wrecked me, but I was feeling pretty lame until I got these puppies and I am not sure they are the problem. But maybe. I'll listen to my feet.

Come to think of it, my feet hurt ...