Sunday, June 21, 2009

East Side

What Might Pengo See at the Fringe?

VITALITY Productions in Association with SLANT Theatre Project
Writer: Bill Heck and Nick Mills
Director: Wes Grantom
Two actors: many people. Think Sweeney Todd meets Brecht meets YOU, set in a dark, funny, and bloody future. Come secure the success of humanity for only a small, one-time fee: YOUR LIFE.
1h 15m National Los Angeles, CA Comedy Drama
Staycation: Absurdly Surrealist Dream

Hmn. I think I saw this piece on SPACED.

Listening to: PODRUNNER Classic - I Put My Big-Boy Pants On (145 BPM)

Route: Wade Oval Loop
Distance: 6.9 miles
Temperature: 61ยบ
Weather: gorgeous
Weight: 153 lbs.

It has been the East Side Season. In spite of the disturbing number of vacant homes in my city, there is now a surprising amount of development, too. Not new homes going up (and really, in this burg, who needs those?) but people rehabbing long neglected properties.

And it feels like people are more interested in being out and amongst each other. Especially when it's free. When we went to Parade the Circle last week, it was densely packed, I'd never seen so many people. Apparently they set a record. This past Thursday it was the Coventry Street Fair. Budget cuts have brought this three-times-a-summer event down to two (third Thursday of June and July - but not August) and maybe that was a factor, but the street was teeming. I remember when this event was revived a few years ago after a fifteen year or so hiatus, it was nice, but not well attended. You could saunter down the boulevard, plenty of room, nothing to shout about. Last week, it was slow going, the places was so crowded. A real happening.

Today, Father's Day, I set out on my normal route, and then thought you know, I'm going to the cemetery. And then I realized that wasn't it, I was going to go all the wall down Little Italy and take a lap around the oval. It's been a long time.

The art museum's new East Wing is done, there was a massive preview rave-thing last night that went deep into the night. No sign of it this morning, but there it was, a big, shiny, new wing of the old building. Training for the marathon the view of construction was blocked by temporary walls I would run by every weekend. Now there is a green field and great, striped marble. The official grand opening of the East Wing is next Saturday. And it's free. I think those marble walls are going to split from all the people who show it.

It was the worst of times. It was the best of times.

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