Sunday, January 31, 2010


It was my intention to run 2 miles today. Because I did not, I am disappointed. Having said that I have never run sixteen times n the month of January. Never. You can check my blog here to see that I never ran at all the first month of 2007 (following my NYC Marathon) and five times in January 2008. Last year I was training for the Big Box production of ATYD, I think I actually ran five times. Sixteen times through snow and ice. And because I have usually only resumed running in February for the past four years I know the worst is still ahead. But an excellent start - at least physically - for 2010.

I had to shave my beard for a new show I am acting in. It is a little depressing. Just as I am feeling positive about things, I am reminded what a potato head I am. Did I ever have a chin? I have assumed the jowls that are an essential trait of my mother's side of the family. Sigh.

Here's the thing ... with these playlists I keep at the beginning of the year, one for each year of my life, I always end with the current year. Because I usually start in February and because it takes three, four, sometimes five months to run 40 times, well, there are usually enough run-worth songs released to make up a decent playlist. What will I have to take me to the finish line in late March?

Hmn. I think I will need to press certain quarter-life work colleagues for a hot list.


Erica said...


I hope you don't mind a complete stranger following your blog, I really liked your playlists and I am new to running and blogging, I was trying to find other runners, i found your blog interesting! Good for you running 16 times in the dead of winter is a feat to say the least!

Take care,

pengo said...

I think strangers are supposed to follow blogs. Welcome!

Sorry about the photo I just posted, it makes me look crazed. Crazed and really, really old.

Good luck in your running! I hope my playlists have been an inspiration. The early 70s (pre-disco) are a real challenge. Thank goodness for LIFE ON MARS.

Stay in touch!