Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How come I end up where I started?

First day of training! And look - you can train yourself!

The fact that I took a run this morning at 5 am is no indication of my dedication to my sport. It is because I have no f*cking time. Next I am going to drop ten pounds my cutting off my head.

2007 Playlist
United State of Pop (2007) - DJ Earworm
Uninvited - Freemasons
Merrymaking At My Place - Calvin Harris
Girls and Boys In Love - The Rumble Strips
Henrietta - The Fratellis
15 Step - Radiohead

Distance: 2 miles
Temperature: 24ยบ
Weather: lovely, light snowflakes
Road conditions: thick & slippery
Weight: 161 lbs.


Jen said...

Just please don't cut your head off yourself using a chainsaw and a timer.

pengo said...