Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Can't stop now, don't you know?

We celebrated our anniversary (which is actually tomorrow) in a fairly low-key but novel way, going out to see a movie at the Cedar-Lee, consuming a bucket of popcorn, then coming home to relax on our side porch, sipping Manhattans and talking about old boyfriends.

The children are in Athens, and we are here. I miss them. On Sunday the girl lost a tooth, a big one, a molar. The night before I had a dream that she came running out of her room, long blonde-haired and in her white, girl's housecoat, full of glee that the tooth fairy had come. In my dream she was five years-old. I remember that girl. That was a long time ago.

Temperature: 76°
Climate: sweaty morning
Distance: 3.25 miles

After the movie, the wife said it's a bit difficult to swallow the outrage over Hero's alleged wantonness in the context of a modern concept. However, I argue that having accepted Shakespearean verse flowing naturally from the mouth of someone doing shots in Joss Whedon's house, you have passed into a realm of suspended-belief. It all felt to me like a game, a bunch of the director's friends playing at Shakespeare in his house, which in fact, it is.

Striding out of the theater, we hear a much older man lamenting the ridiculousness of making Conrad a woman. The bar for disbelief is higher for some than others.

Left To My Own Devices Playlist
Don't Go - Yazoo
Kiss Them For Me - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Was It Worth It? - Pet Shop Boys
Poison Arrow - ABC
Behind The Wheel - Depeche Mode
Confusion - New Order
Master and Servant (Slavery Whip Mix) - Depeche Mode

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