Friday, June 21, 2013

You’re out cold.

These days, my wife sends me running. I don't even think to. It is summer, and I feel more stretched than the rest of the year, stretched and tired. The kids leave town for the next week, lazing at Wolf Camp. Will that makes next week more relaxed and well-rested, or less so?

Temperature: 64°
Climate: cool, humid
Distance: 3.25 miles

In the past year, I have intermittently suffered discomfort along the left side of my face, from that part my left cheek closest to my ear, and above my ear, and back across my skull, and up into my scalp. It feels like a numbness, but also -- and especially recently -- as it grows and stretches back across my head, it is more like a dull ache.

Earlier this year, or late last year, or both, it has felt more like a dull paralysis of the skin. Not entirely without feeling, but subtly disconcerting. I do not know what brings this sensation on. It goes, I cannot remember feeling it for some time, but it is back.

Last summer I received a bee sting in my hair, close to the hairline -- which for me, because I am bald, is the back of my head. The bee-sting was very painful, as bee-stings are, but I have had bee-stings before and this was truly awful. We were on an island in Maine, and I could not get proper treatment for several hours. I am not even sure my wife got the stinger out at the time.

Could that have caused some kind of lingering, superficial paralysis?

It's My Life (Dub Mix) Playlist
Tracking Treasure Down (Club Mix) - Gabriel & Dresden
The Metro (168 bpm) - Berlin
TKO - Le Tigre
Walking Wounded  - Everything But the Girl
Lullaby of Clubland (Housego's Dub Remix) - Everything But the Girl

Last day of Camp Theater, and it looks like a glorious day. Enjoy it, everyone.

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