Sunday, June 02, 2013

I'm highly animated even though I'm decomposing.

During the outreach tour, last February and March, Double Heart was very well-received by audiences of all ages, but particularly high school students. I think they were surprised that a play which they had been warned beforehand was entirely in verse (thanks, Lisa) could be so lewd and hilarious.

We are only $165 away from achieving one-tenth of our goal in the first 48 hours. Please consider making a contribution tonight, to help us past this psychological goal.

Here's a special enticement for readers of this blog ... while you may donate anything you like, those who give $100 or more will receive a personalized thank you from the production team in the form of a picture of the company holding up a sign with your name on it in a unique NYC location, to be posted on Facebook and other social media, and sent to you as a high-quality jpeg.

If you pledge at least that amount and specify that you are a fan of Daddy Runs Fast, your picture will be taken during Summer Streets, in the middle of either Park Avenue of Lafayette Street when Annie, myself, and whoever else I can talk into it are taking a morning run. Get it there.

Temperature: 67°
Climate: bright! beautiful! humid!
Distance: 4 miles
Weight: 167 lbs.

Sunburned tops of feet, day two. Ooh.

Finally discovered where they moved the water fountain in Cain Park. Thanks, Trevor, for pointing that out. They used to have one right on the main path in from Lee Road.

Stepped out of the house today and a neighbor asked, "Going running?" No. I wear a bandana, bright red shorts and green zero drop shoes because it's Pirate Pete the Clown Day.

Get Lucky Playlist
One Touch - LCD Soundsystem
Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors - Radiohead
A Thing For Me - Metronomy
Move Your Feet - Junior Senior
Sound Of Silver - LCD Soundsystem
Tron Legacy (End Titles) - Daft Punk
Rock The House - Gorillaz

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