Sunday, June 09, 2013

Summer begins.

Lazy Sunday morning making blueberry pancakes for a trio of sleepover girls and one growing dude.

Yesterday was Parade the Circle. When it was proposed that the boy and I hitch a ride across town the the pARTy in Gordon Square, and take the Trolley home, I instantly decided that nothing would get done today and that that was a wise and sensible decision.

It helped that earlier in the day I had visited JJ. I jabbered on for about a full hour about all the great things that were going on and she said, "Well. Your life sounds very good." I agreed, and she suggested I call her sometime in the future if the need arises.

Last night, strangely enough, my neck began feeling very sore, and it still does today. Stress? Really? Illness? Is it because summer theater camp begins tomorrow, that doesn't make sense, that's in the bag. Cruising down the Shoreway with the windows open in a big, goofy trolley named "Lolly" with your arm slung around an eight year-old boy who leans back into you and tells you about all the very interesting things he is thinking about everything, this is not a stress-inducing situation.

We'll see. Maybe there is something lurking on the horizon, maybe this is some dull, slow, uninteresting kind of Spider-sense. But I do not think so.

Temperature: 70°
Climate: overcast, balmy
Distance: 3.25 miles (stopping & starting)

Each child received a "new" bike for Memorial Day. Hers is a great second-hander, his is hers. When we bought hers new, we insisted it be a color that work for her younger brother. As it turns out, blue is her favorite color, anyway, and I wasn't buying a Barbie bicycle, regardless.

I was all set to take a run (even though I am feeling more achy and ill now than I was two hours ago) with my headphones on, when the boy asked if he could bike alongside me. Previously, accepting a co-run meant cutting my run short, but with a bike? We went the distance! With some walking.

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