Saturday, March 15, 2014

Is this it?

Last night I saw [sic] presented by Theater Ninjas at the 78th Street Studios. I really enjoyed that, it was an excellent balance between good text and great movement, and my experience was joyful.

What I noticed last night was the manner in which the text and the way it was played were so carefully thought out I find it difficult to imagine seeing the played performed some other way. The people living off the same hallway in an apartment building (city unknown, irrelevant) and the way they interact.

Representing each apartment, a raked platform. Each has its own personality, the requisite piece or two of furniture to suggest that character. The base of each platform featured a post, on which to knock, like or door, or lean on, as in a doorway.

Leaving their apartment, each would catapult, or spring into the hall. Discovery was, therefore, abrupt. Returning “home” required the effort of will to launch of the platform, but then slow. As if being alone brought each to a point of stillness.

So, about my shoes. Unlike my previous zero drop shows, these have a bit of a lizard-like sole which grips the pavement. Yesterday I did much better in snow with them than with my traditional shoes, or with my other zero drops, which would have slid around like saucers.

One thing I am theoretically missing in zero drop shoes is the launch pad which is the basis or most modern running shoes. You stand on a slight incline. When you run, you are vaulted forward, the shoe does some of your running for you.

What you don’t do, can’t do, is lift your toes. This is what I am constantly doing, whether I think about it or not, in zero drop shoes. Either pair. As I have mentioned previously, running takes more effort. The shoes aren’t working for you, they are encouraging you to work, and basically just protecting your naked feet from the pavement. Or in the case of these new shoes, assisting merely by making solid, firm contact with the pavement.

Temperature: 37°
Distance: 4 miles

Weight: 172.5 lbs.

My second Saturday unplugged. The boy attends School of Rock, he began this year and has been working through 101, which is the band for newbies. Apparently he is doing all right. Previously, I have waited for him (90 minute practice, no point in driving home) by going to a coffee shop, ostensibly to write but more likely to fuck around on Facebook.

Last week, I went grocery shopping. So I did today. Returning home I went out and did yardwork. Three years ago I planted our first son’s brick, the one that used to be in front of CPT, in the front bed. Since that time it has been stepped on by villainous children, and pressed into the earth and when it rains one corner creates a puddle and that makes me unhappy. I have no idea whether there will be snow on the ground on Thursday, his birthday, so I cleared the weeds and brought that edge up so the rain with wash away and down the front walk. And that was a very satisfying thing to do.

2006 Playlist
Punkrocker - Teddybears ft. Iggy Pop
Team GoGo - Harold Barefoot Sanders III
Guess What - Keyshia Cole ft. Jadakiss
Fire - Ferry Corsten
Sketches (Twenty Something Life) - La Rocca
The Bitch of Living - "Spring Awakening"
Say It Right - Nelly Furtado
Buttons - The Pussycat Dolls
Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

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