Thursday, March 06, 2014

Is this the road that you take till the end?

by Jason Stein, Heights Observer, March 1, 2014

A little late in the season, but appreciated nonetheless, CH-UH Councilman addresses one of my pet peeves, my fellow citizens' inability to or disinterest in clearing their damn sidewalks.

As I have already pointed out, the perpetually frigid temps mean that snow which is not cleared when it falls remains and hardens, making what was merely inconvenient to travel downright dangerous.

The fact that I have had no safely available paths on which to run is not everyone's concern, but the councilman points out it also means children and the elderly have resorted to walking in the streets, so it isn't just me.

A reasonable man, the man lists several reasonable proposals. Here is to hoping that one or more are actually initiated, if not this year then by next winter.

Girl On The Run
Temperature: 36°
Distance: .85 miles

The girl and I took a run around the block. She started Girls On The Run (GOTR) yesterday, she said today she could do maybe a half-mile. I said a trip around the block was little more than that, and she did fine -- in spite of the mounds of melting snow.

Got my new shoes yesterday, they are actually a half-size larger than the green shoes. But those shoes can make my small toes chafe, so I am going to stick with these.

Distance: 3.25 miles

Today we packed up the tour, dropping off costumes, the set and props, and returning the van. This afternoon I met with one about about possible new writing project, and two about a reading of a new work next week.

A door closes. Jump out the window!

1991 Playlist
The Globe - BAD II
A Roller Skating Jame Named "Saturdays" - De La Soul
Volte Para O Seu Lar - Marisa Monte
Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless) - Crystal Waters
There's No Other Way - Blur
All This Time - Sting
International Bright Young Thing - Jesus Jones

Oh man. I usually wear the clown shoes without socks ... but these new shoes cut me during my brief run with the girl. So I put on socks. And now I can reasonably declare that these are the best shoes I have ever worn.

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Henrik said...

The Doctor: (Gleefully) "These shoes! They fit perfectly!"
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