Saturday, January 24, 2015

I gotta get me get up and run.

The boy and I both love this one best.
The back exercises have been very successful. The past few days I have been largely pain-free. My physical therapist believes I should eventually be able to bend at the waist without pain. At present, however, that is the move which most makes me hesitate, that of bending over at all.

Certainly, leaning forward and down to retrieve anything can hurt ... or not. Depends. Driving my car no longer leaves me stooped over. Well, a little. Sometimes. Sometimes not. That's improvement.

This is a major improvement over last weekend, when the exercises were difficult, becoming painful (from sheer repetition) and leaving me despondent. Will this be the new normal, constant feeling of pain in my lower back? I guess not. Lucky me, again.

However, the kind of work which caused this herniation, lifting heavy objects, I feel should be avoided. And that makes me unhappy. I like working in the yard, and do not want to fear re-harming myself. Be careful, I guess. Move slowly.

The boy injured his hip during soccer practice a week ago Friday. He was unable to perform in his rock show last Saturday. We went to his lesson Tuesday night, but he still can't hit the bass with his right foot.

They fixed him with a double bass pedal, he started learning the bass line he's been practicing with his right foot for three months with his left. And he picked it up with no problem. It's like putting in an understudy for opening night after six weeks of rehearsal with someone else.

I have been there, too. You are anxious, even disappointed in the change. But you should be so happy for committing, and for continuing, for moving through. Nothing is perfect. Everything changes.

Temperature: 27°
Distance: 2.25 miles

Man. Too slippery. Stressful.

1974 Playlist
Jackie Blue - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
You Haven't Done Nothing - Stevie Wonder
The Life of the Party - The Jackson 5
Oye Como Va - Santana
Stone Cold Crazy - Queen
Verb: That's What's Happening - Zachary Sanders

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