Thursday, January 01, 2015

Show me the way.

For God's sake, Mr. Nichols.
Happy New Year. Regular followers know I motivate myself to continue running through the coldest months of the year by planning and listening to playlists representing each year of my life. In fact, the winter months are often those in which I run the most, so it has been a successful little mind game.

The year before I got clever and included 1967, the year I was conceived, and then last year 1966 because it was a pretty great year musically (see: Revolver). However, my reptilian hindbrain now thinks that was a bad idea. It's not me, it's not my life, I do not want to go back any further in time. And besides, my catalog is not deeper enough to satisfy.

I will stick with 1967. I was conceived on November 23, 1967 - Thanksgiving. Right there on the table. Actually no, that would have been very awkward and traumatic for my six year old brother Denny, though it may explain a lot. Regardless, the popular music of that year, though it was not actually played on any devices in my house, seeped in or at least were in the air when I emerged the following July.

We begin where I began, and so ladies and gentlemen ... 49 Playlist for 49 Years (again!)

Temperature: 34°
Distance: 2 miles

Night time, it is colder. Why is this? I can run in shorts as long as it is above freezing, but not at night. I think this is a fallacy, perhaps I only notice this when I choose to. When it is breezier, that is definitely not a good time to wear shorts. I came home wheezing, because I was running faster than I would have otherwise desired, just to get home.

But it is a good start to the year. Today's playlist, heavy with R&B, filled my head with all kinds of images that I may incorporate into a play I will be directing this year. Summery music for summer time.

Supposed to snow Friday.

1967 Playlist
Star Collector - The Monkees
Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town - Johnny Darrell
Sweet Soul Music * - Arthur Conley
(Your Love Keeps Lighting Me) Higher and Higher - Jackie Wilson
Magical Mystery Tour * - The Beatles
Blindman - Janis Joplin
Tighten Up - Archie Bell & The Drells

Blindman. Definitely a song that seemed into my memory as a child. I heard it for the "first" time last year and yet I feel it's always been ringing in my head.


Henrik said...

Yeah, going back before your own actual timeline is wrong. Like that Civil War episode of Quantum Leap. It just doesn't work! Ye canna change the laws of physics. Or of pseudo science for that matter.

pengo said...

I know, right? Happy new year!